About Me

"For me it's all about artistic creation,

being reminded the world is a beautiful place

to devour with our eyes."

      I am Travers Bell a photographer that hails from Southern California. I have always been into some sort of artistic expression. Be it music, painting, writing, or my number one passion - photography! I am currently working to turn my greatest passion into my full time gig. 

I enjoy all aspects of photography, but I particularly love to photograph people. From studio portraits, to glamour editorials, to weddings and special events, capturing a moment in time for someone to cherish forever is a true gift to any artist. And it is a privilege I take very seriously. Photographing family, friends, and loved ones in beautiful portraits creates a lasting and shared memory documenting history for generations to enjoy. 

Thanks for taking the time to give my photography a look. I hope you enjoy it! 



Southern California



Contact Info

Phone: (714) 651-1316